Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier gets a dedicated post as this place was definitely our favourite in New Zealand. It was truly spectacular to see and go and experience it up close. We arrived the day before in the village of Franz Josef and as it was off-season we had the whole campsite to ourselves. The village is at risk of being submerged by the river so they are making every attempt to slow this down. It’s also located on a fault line so it’s not a desirable location. There has been talks to try to relocate the village but was estimated it would cost nearly a million New Zealand dollars per resident to move it’s just over 300 residents.

To get to the main part you have to get a helicopter up. They have different hikes for the lower part but this way gives you the best experience.

We got given crampons, water proof trousers, a trekking pole and a bag for your camera. You have a guide with you to check the path ahead to ensure no new cracks or ice caves have opened up. She was really fun and seemed like a pretty cool job to have.

Maker:L,Date:2017-9-19,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-YThe colours when you’re inside are just spectacular, its hard to truly capture them on camera but this is pretty close.


This place looks like what the real krypton would have been like. The glacier itself is approximately 7000 years old and 12km long.

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We had an Instagram model on our tour and Emma became her dedicated photographer. She was hilarious and had no shame. We have too many photos of this woman and probably dedicate a post to her. Our whole group was laughing as she pulled the most bizarre poses. Think we were just more impressed with her confidence as clearly did not care one bit.


The walls look like they will be really wet but they are dry and our tour guide made us see who could last the longest with their tongue stuck to the wall. Our noses ended up colder and I beat the competition. No sense no feeling.

Scientists have concluded that by the year 2100 Franz Joseph will have lost 38% of its mass. Glaciers naturally retreat and grow when the climate is correct. With a vast loss predicted, the causes are varied, but the underlying primary cause is a warming climate. We think maybe it’s because they get all the tourist to lick the wall.

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rod2 (7 of 11)Who doesn’t love awkward couple photos.

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rod2 (6 of 11)Naturally occurring heart shape walkway within the glacier.


After we had spent about 3 hours walking around the glacier it was time get the flight back down. We had such an incredible time and so glad we got the opportunity to experience this. definitely one of our favourite memories from New Zealand.

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