Bali Part 3 – Sanur – Canggu – Uluwatu – Kuta


We got to Sanur into the hottest hotel room known to all of mankind ever. We don’t normally like complaining but it was like we were back in Christopher’s BnB in Manila. We got the room changed into one that resembled a fridge. Sanur was a few days of chilling out and eating ice cream and really good food. The beach was beautiful and definitely another tourist point for many.

The best place for ice cream was Massimo Italian Restaurant. There’s so many flavours to choose from that it takes a while for the indecisive to pick. We did have 4 scoops in one giant cup including 90% dark chocolate. We even splurged out and had dinner there which was the tastiest pasta and good wine. They had a dedicated small air con room for tourist or people who did not like to sweat while eating, it was bliss!



Canggu felt like a mix between Ubud and Gili Air with it being by the sea. There are lots of cute shops, surfboards and bars. Our Air BnB was a huge room with a kitchen so we were able to get bits in for breakfast, but with all the great food around, including the Avocado Factory around the corner it was hard to not go out for brunch. There was lots of foodie photos on both phones.

We had a great few days on the beach sunbathing and watching all the first timers try out surfing. The waves were so huge that there’s warnings trying to get people not to go in but this was ignored most of the time. Stu did have a traumatic moment with the sea, it stole his Ray Bans right from his face. He came up the beach with a surprised and hilarious expression and announced we had to leave the beach since a wave had caught him off guard. His beloved Ray Ban sunglasses had been swept away for good.

We loved the graffiti that was around this area as well, there were some amazing pieces tucked down side streets.

This place was more of a party area, everyone seemed to go to a bar called Old Man’s Bar. It was all outside, had great music and great deals on drinks. It was fun to people watch as well, especially all those Insta Models with a very serious pout on their faces. Once the beers had kicked in, it was time to show people how to really dance.


IMG-20180518-WA0004.jpgIt was a hungover taxi ride to Uluwata, it took a few hours and the driver was really friendly and chatty. Weirdly showing us all his photos from his phone and videos of his birds. The bird competitions in Bali are huge and birds go for hundreds of pounds. Which is a lot of money over here.

The Air BnB we stayed at here was very lovely, A small ‘glamping’ hut with a private, outside bathroom and a communal kitchen. We didn’t realise how far away a lot of the restaurants were so we set off into the fading sunshine to get some food. It was a bit of a dodgy walk back on the main road at night but we made it.

Also in the outside bathroom we made a friend in our sink…Β IMG-20180518-WA0001.jpg

We rented a moped from the Air BnB owner and got to see the area. We went to the Uluwata Temple first, it was full of monkeys again. We watched one monkey steal a pair of glasses from a woman’s face, to try and get them back she tried to bribe the monkey with money… it did not work. There was a pool of water for the monkey’s and we found ourselves bewildered by them jumping and leaping in to swim around and cool off.


The temple itself is set on a cliff, we watched the waves crash in and spotted huge turtles swimming dangerously close to the rocks. The sea is so clear they are easy to spot from a great distance.


We also got to drive round to the beaches and coves, stopping for great veggie food and coffee along the way. The scenery is beautiful and shows even on a relatively small island there is just loads of differences from one end to the next.

PG1 (2 of 13)



Kuta is the Benidorm for Aussies, but not the nice old town of Benidorm. I don’t think we can explain it much better than that. It definitely wasn’t how we have experienced Bali. It’s built up, busy and full of people harassing you to buy or get a taxi, again. We should have listened to our friend Emily and stayed away. We just needed to be close to the airport.

Since it wasn’t our kind of place to hangout, we decided to go to the cinema, best decision ever. We saw Deadpool 2 which was hilarious and had popcorn, reclining huge chairs and blankets because the air con was on full blast. I think between this and the frozen yoghurt shop was the best bits of Kuta.


It didn’t ruin our time at Bali at all, we’ve loved this island so much. We’ve done a lot in the month that we had here and enjoyed it all. Especially Ubud, Canggu and Gili Air, we can see why it’s so popular to get away to relax and see everything this place has to offer.




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