Kuala Lumpur

KL art gallery

We hadn’t known much about KL prior to going to book our flights for our trip. The ticket rep suggested here or Singapore to get to Bali. We’d visited Singapore before so wanted somewhere new.  It was a whistle stop trip since we only had 4 nights here before we set off for our next adventure.

We stepped out of the airport and it was a storm, a big one. We used Grab to get a taxi and this tended to save us getting ripped off and worked just like Uber. We got a message from our driver asking “how many people?” 2? we replied. “How big are your bags?” Erm.. fairly big. We were getting a little suspicious since we’d never been asked this before. On arrival we could see why our driver was keen to know what we were carrying. We laughed a little at the micro car which pulled up and then the cutest tiniest lady got out. If the car had been yellow, it would have been the scene out of Inbetweeners when Simon gets his first car. With some force we managed to shut the boot and set off into the storm. The driver continued to entertain us with 80’s classics and trying to sign up to be our driver for our whole trip. We declined due to safety concerns from her driving style, although it had nothing on a Tuk Tuk ride.

View from the roof

We found an Air BnB which was central and within our budget. It was in a brand new complex with most of it not even finished yet. If we ever had the opportunity to live in KL it would be in this apartment. Mainly because the complex it was in, it had a built in cinema, games room, pitch and putt, gym and rooftop pool. We were also excited as it meant we had a kitchen, we could cook again 😍. Not only do we miss cooking, it saves us money and also stops nasty surprises for Emma with random animals in her food. We have also found stones in our food on separate occasions. Maybe this is just a delicacy that Rick Stein should have warned us about on his previous travels.

We were fortunate to have some nice sunshine in between thunderstorms. We did some exploring around Merdeka Square which is independence square. It’s only been since 1957 that they have had independence, which doesn’t seem long at all. We have found the history in all the countries we have visited absolutely fascinating and something we try and learn about everywhere we go.

The Perdana Botanical Gardens were beautiful and were a great free tourist attraction. This is part of the Heritage Park and is a collection of all different gardens. We particularly enjoyed the Hibiscus Garden which is KL’s national flower.

I guess we couldn’t come to KL without going to see the Petronas Towers. Apparently some of Sheffield’s steel is used in the towers. I could not fact check this there or on the internet. But if you speak to anyone from Sheffield, any steel used in the world came from Sheffield. A fact that I can confirm is, that Emma is from Sheffield… We missed out on the tour to the top as it was all sold out. It seemed to be the most popular attraction in the city.



KL (10 of 12)

Central Market is another heritage site, set in a lovely building dating back to 1888. Here you can buy nice boutique items and it has a huge food hall. From here we carried on through China town and ended up at Petaling Street Market, which seemed to have every knock off item under the sun. It would have been brilliant it we needed a new ‘Guccie’ bag. To make it even more entertaining we got trapped there, as unlike these heroes we didn’t have our poncho’s, so had to ride out the storm.

Hero Shop

Finally we found a store suitable for all the emergency service staff to shop at. This was situated in the Times Square Mall. The malls in South East Asia are just mental and there seems to be a general competition between countries on who can do malls the best. Some have been super fancy, some budget but on the whole they have been massive. KL was no different, but this time inside the mall they had a theme park! A genuine roller coaster! It looked awesome, although we did not go on it as did not seem worth it for the price. Plus you have to pay more if you’re a tourist, which we saw a few times in KL for attractions.

After one last photo shoot for Emma, it was time to head to the airport for our flight to Bali. We would love to come back to Malaysia so we can venture further afield and give this place the time it deserves for exploring.


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