Coron and Turning 30

After our trip to Boracay we headed over to Coron, we needed to get a connecting flight at Manila. So like all times when you need your flight on time, it’s definitely not. Our original flight was delayed – which then meant we had to run with our massive backpacks and get into a taxi to go around to the other terminal to catch our flight. We soon found out it was totally unnecessary as our next flight, like all the flights in this terminal, were also delayed. We got rammed into Manilas domestic terminal, which is not fit for purpose for the amount of flights it deals with. We were sat watching the TV and on the local news it announced about a light air craft that had crashed near by. Explaining the cause of the delays and making us thankful we were just delayed.

Coron town itself is not very idyllic – it’s dusty and like most of the popular tourist areas the infrastructure does not meet the demand. Most of the time you play chicken with mopeds and cars, as you’re forced to share the road with them. This is a great place to come for island hopping diving, snorkelling etc. We were using this more as a hub to get to my birthday treat.

Mount Tapyas (1 of 1)

To get the best view while in Coron town, you here you have to climb Mt. Tapyas. This is not ideal to do during the day, as it’s way too hot. But if you leave it till the evening it can get very busy leading up to sunset. There are 700+ steps which doesn’t sound a lot, but we had the sweat to prove it. We felt a little better when we saw everyone else struggling and needing breaks. It’s definitely worth it though, the view of all the bay is beautiful. You get to see a few of the thousands of islands Philippines has to offer.  A clever young man set himself up at the bottom of this with water and an ice cooler, it’s guaranteed business.

Our accommodation just so happened to be located near a church, which is cool, occasional bell ringing, lovely. Nope this priest had a speaker up where the church bell was to broadcast his ceremonies to the town. My hero.

Once we were here for a few nights it was time for my 30th birthday treat. Em had arranged for a stay at the Two Seasons island resort. I had been shown some pictures of what it looked liked, but its definitely a place that’s much better in real life. We got picked up from our hotel and taken to the Two Season resort – which is the one in Coron town. Then we walked through this fancy hotel to the private dock and got onto a speed boat and taken to the Island about an hour away.

On the approach it looked like something out of a movie, so beautiful and a far cry from where we had just been. When we arrived we were greeted with the classic shell necklace, welcome drinks and churros with salted caramel and chocolate dip. This place looked super fancy and it seemed pretty empty – which we found out there was only 8 other families/couples on the whole thing! This is their low season! Bonus!

We had a tour of the island on a golf cart and then taken to our island tip bungalow. The bungalow was luxury, from the front door you got to watch the sunrise. It had the biggest rain shower and an unlimited mini bar. This was stocked with not only alcohol, but more importantly, sweets, lots of sweets. Outside we had the most beautiful view of the sunset where we could chill in the hot tub after a long tough day…

Maker:L,Date:2017-9-19,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-YIslandview (1 of 1)-3

The service here is incredible – really attentive. If you’re too lazy to walk, just call for the golf cart. Every evening they bring a pot of freshly baked cakes to each room and do a turn town service for bed. Which we’ve never had before, but hey, those pillows looked mighty heavy to move.


We got to spend 4 nights here and celebrated my birthday in style. We woke up early to watch the sunrise, which did not disappoint.  I got a very lovely birthday cake to get my chops around. Em had been sneaky and got people from home to send her video clips of messages to me and made them into one massive video. It was amazing and so lovely of all the effort people had made for me. It was just lush seeing all these faces we’ve not seen for a couple of months. It really made it an extra special day. Like most birthdays on a beautiful remote island we started drinking early and enjoyed all the activities the island had to offer.

SUP fun

Two hero's and their friend

Island Tip

We managed to find Nemo’s family just off the beach, seems they’re all back together now.  Plus the latest in emergency chairs (beach style).

Just want to say a special thank you to Emma for such an awesome birthday and for everyone’s birthday love. The video is epic – but unfortunately legally I could not post it on here due to some of the content. Thanks Sam…

From here it was a speed boat back to Coron where we stayed an extra night before we headed to El Nido.


  1. Looks absolutely amazing! Not a bad way to celebrate your 30th Stuie! Keep on living the dream, it’s all good, and stay safe.

    PS – Thanks for the postcard. It made our week! X

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