See y’all later

That’s it, we are off.

We’ve just got to Heathrow where we’re sitting in the lounge thanks to Jo 😘.

The last couple of weeks have been a little bit hectic, mostly down to us both being a little bit disorganised and mostly trying to squeeze last minute visits in. It’s been a mixture of emotions. Tears to see us leave for a bit, and lots of smiles because you don’t have to see us for a while 😋.

While most of our possessions are rammed in a storage unit and spread across several houses. The essentials have been packed, we say essentials but we’ll use our epic towel from the lovely Beasley’s and Cooper’s as an example of over packing.

I’m sure this will get us out of some tight situations or at least give us entertainment trying to photograph their mugs in random places. It truly is special and we are very grateful (I’m going to miss you a lot, mostly Mark).

Thanks to all our friends and family for your generosity and support while we do our little adventure. We will miss you all and be prepared to be bored with terrible photos of sunrises, beaches and every travelling cliche we can muster.


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