So a lot has happened since our last post.

Going on such a big adventure we had two options –

  • keep our house and rent it out.
  • Sell our house and reap the rewards of what has been an epic boom in the housing market in just under the past 4 years.

We have had many a discussion, endless research and gut feelings. Which lead us to deciding to sell.

Some people will say (and have said) it’s sensible to stay on the ladder… but we’ll be in no worse position than we would have been buying our next home.  Now we can travel doing all the things we really want to do. Plus, we don’t need to worry about trying to manage a property while we are stuck in the middle of nowhere. We’re hoping that the property doesn’t sky rocket whilst we’re away, and kind of hoping our sad departure from the EU will play in our favour. Need to have something decent to come out of Brexit (Damn you leavers)

Our property was on the market for a total of 18 days, one buyer let us down but we sold again within a day and a half reducing many stressful nights of no sleep! Shout out to Purple Bricks for their support during this and ultimately saving us a bomb in commission.

We moved out of our house and handed our keys over to a new buyer, who is full of excitement to start her own memories in her first house. It was a really weird feeling, we love that house, but we know we’re making the right decision and we’re so excited to get onto that plane in a couple of weeks’ time and throw ourselves into a crazy adventure.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that has helped us move out. Our parents have been incredible, letting us shove boxes in their homes while we sort out the storage unit. We promise it will all fit in there… honestly… And to friends that helped move all our belongings to charity shops and unfortunately some of it to the tip! We don’t thank the little mouse that made a home in the garage though, we’re not friends anymore Frank. (He chewed through all the Christmas decorations!)

With only 19 days to go we’re going to have to say some ‘see you laters’ that will be difficult. Pass us the tissues already please!


  1. Great note and good luck to both of you. Your Dad forwarded it to me, can you put me on the mailing list that Auntie Carole and I can follow and envy your adventures?
    Bon voyage
    Uncle Tone

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  2. Have a fantastic time… So happy for you both. Best to live life to the full when your young, not regret not doing it when your older.. Love you both xxxxx


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